This book may cause a crisis for the Tasmanian whisky industry. 

Joe Larah,  whisky bottler


We have all expressed frustration with Bernard and his desire to create mischief and paint Tasmania’s whisky in a rather negative light. I have looked at the complete draft and I don’t like the approach and I could not recommend this book. 

Bill Lark, whisky pioneer


I don’t agree with it, I don’t like it, but I support your right to have written it. 

Mark Nicholson, whisky-taster


Some of those fellas oughta pull their fuckin’ heads in. 

Adam Bones, cooper Tas Cask Company


Tasmanian Whisky: The Devil's Share promised "stories of contemporary whisky devils, rapscallions, scoffers, scoundrels and long-forgotten controversies." 

After Bill Lark bemoaned the book's "investigative style of writing" and noted that "some distillers would have gladly thrown the author into a barrel of new-make and let him gently pickle for a time" many stories of whisky devils, rapscallions, scoffers, scoundrels and long-forgotten controversies were removed from the book by its publisher.

Notwithstanding the combined efforts of individual distillers and their lawyers, the industry Association and its "editorial" sub-committee, these"corrections" restore the un-expiated, unvarnished, full text of The Devil's Share, aka The Devil's Cut— here.


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